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Creating the Motivation For Life within our Specialist Homes, caring for people living with complex mental health needs.

Meet the Team


Juliet Briggs

Juliet Briggs


Juliet Briggs has been the Registered Manager and owner of Woodford House since 2001 and Perton Manor since 2013.

She is a Registered Nurse who holds a Bsc (Hons) Health Studies, Diploma in Management studies and the Registered Managers Award. She became a Registered Nurse in 1987 and graduated to management within the NHS and private healthcare sector before becoming a Registered Manager in 2001.

Juliet founded Capulet Care to provide a central brand and support operation for her homes. In Capulet Care she has formed a central management team to provide that support.


Richard Hodgkisson

Richard Hodgkisson

Director of Business & Governance

Richard commenced his role as Director of Business & Governance in early 2022, following a company restructure.

Richard’s primary objective is to ensure that the company’s productivity and efficiency reaches maximum potential, working collaboratively with other members of the Senior Management Team to implement business strategies and evaluate company performance, alongside undertaking the analysis and monitoring of Quality & Compliance.

Richard develops comprehensive company budgets, performing periodic budget analyses, designing business strategies and undertaking action plans to meet and/or exceed the company’s goals.

Staying abreast of all updated governance frameworks and legislation, Richard liaises with the CEO when changes are required and ensures company compliance with the financial and regulatory requirements for the organisation. This in turn, supports the CEO in fulfilling corporate responsibility with respect to appropriate governance.

Richard began working for the company in 2012 as a Care Practitioner. His drive, determination and desire to progress was quickly identified. Richard is a swift learner, and quickly progressed through the ranks, through Care Manager, to Central Management, eventually attaining a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management and securing a position within Head Office as Director of Nursing & Operations in 2017.

His broad knowledge of information governance and GDPR policy has seen him appointed as the company’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) and the skills Richard has acquired over his 10 years with the organisation, have ultimately aided the smooth transition into his current role as Director of Business & Governance.

“Working for the company since 2012, I have experienced a personal and professional journey of development, bringing me to where I am currently. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to support the continuing growth of the company, within 2 specialist homes that deliver care at such an exceptional standard”.

Ryan McDonagh

Ryan McDonagh

Regional Homes Director

Ryan began working as the company’s Regional Homes Director during early 2024, following a company restructure and adaptation of his previous role, as Director of Service Development.

He is responsible for all the overall monitoring and compliance of all homes within the Capulet Care group, working in collaboration with other members of the Senior Management Team to undertake quality and risk management, recruitment and retention strategy, planning strategy, liaison with local commissioners and the provision of support for the Home Management teams. Ryan analyses the performance of each home, using measurable tools of working to monitor and maintain excellent standards of care delivery.

Keeping abreast of changes to relevant legislation and other current affairs, Ryan is able to identify potential threats and opportunities for the service, formulating objectives for future service development and contributing to the continuous development of service strategy. This includes taking a strategic approach to client engagement and satisfaction related to service delivery across the homes.

Supporting the CEO, Ryan also takes a lead role in the coordination and compliance of the service, ensuring its practice remains up-to-date and is in accordance with current CQC requirements.

Ryan has worked for the company since 2010, initially joining as a Care Practitioner and gaining knowledge of the company from the ground upwards. He steadily progressed into the Care Manager role in 2013, following the opening of our 2nd specialist home for dementia and complex mental health needs.

After transferring into the Head Office role of Clients Services Manager in 2016 , Ryan then completed a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care, within the 12 months that followed.

His knowledge of each department and the company structure has given him the tools he needs to take the company forward with the continuous development of an innovative and exceptional client service.

“It’s satisfying to work within a company where I am able to support positive change and make a real difference to the lives of the clients we care for. Initially starting out as a Care Practitioner in my late teens and developing with the company from there on in, I have learnt a lot, which I’m proud to be able to draw on, to support our current team of committed staff”.


Jayne Tilt

Jayne Tilt

Director of Operations

Jayne was appointed as Director of Operations in 2021.

Joining the company in 2015 as Training & Development Manager for our in-house Training Centre, Jayne has since acquired and shared extensive knowledge and understanding of national legislation, procedures, Health & Safety requirements and regulatory obligations required to be met, when operating a Nursing Home.

Transferring and building on her knowledge within her current role, Jayne feels she is always learning, taking responsibility for the demanding day-to-day Operational & Facilities Management of the homes, to include Maintenance Services, Hotel Services and security of the premises.

Jayne acts as first point contact for any mechanical, electrical, heating service or other utility contract matters, responding pro-actively to any issues reported, to effectively problem solve and ensure the service encounters minimal disruption, should any issues occur.

In addition, Jayne is responsible for ensuring all environmentally related risk assessments are completed and all auditing requirements fulfilled.

She works in close collaboration with the CEO, liaising with external contractors and outside services, acting as the client-side link and assisting in their selection as required. She works tirelessly to ensure that the environment is maintained to a safe, clean and well presented standard, overseeing any works being carried out, whilst analysing and balancing cost vs outcome according to the budgets set.

Jayne also works closely with her teams in the Kitchen, Laundry, Domestic and Maintenance Departments, striving each day for a service delivery more exceptional than the last.

“Being able to contribute to the wellbeing of our clients and staff from an operational and environmental perspective is a challenging but rewarding job. Every day is a new day, with a new set of objectives to support an exceptional service to run smoothly’.

Tracy Kelly

Tracy Kelly

Finance & Admin Manager

Tracy began her role as Finance & Admin Manager in March 2020.

She undertakes daily Line Management of staff working within the Finance Department, Human Resources Department and Administration.

Tracy is responsible for controlling the company payroll systems and processes for over 350 staff, alongside providing support with management of other financial matters relating to the company.

Since being appointed as Finance & Admin Manager, Tracy has implemented new and improved processes to maximise efficiency and support the teams, as well as building on her own professional development.

Previously working as a Purchasing Manager for 12 years, Tracy has acquired the skills and attributes required to succeed in a busy and demanding financial role with frequently changing priorities.

She has a refreshingly optimistic and methodical attitude to work, and her broad problem-solving skills support the departments that she manages, to run smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis.

“I am passionate about what I do and continue to enjoy learning new skills that come with such a challenging and busy role”.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

Quality & Compliance Manager

Stephanie was appointed as Q&C Manager in October 2022 transferring from the role of Home Manager, where she had worked in the role consecutively in each home, since the end of 2016.

Stephanie felt that she needed a new challenge, and felt the opportunity of becoming Capulet’s Q&C Manager would aid her pathway of professional development and give her a fresh set of challenges to focus on.

Through the creation, utilisation and monitoring of new clinical auditing processes and compliance tools, Stephanie continues to support the homes and contribute to the exceptional service which is offered by the company.

Stephanie first began working at Perton Manor in 2013, as a Care Practitioner. Her potential and desire for progression quickly became apparent, and she steadily climbed the ranks, appointed as Care Manager in late 2015 and promoted to Home Manager at Woodford House 12 months later.

Stephanie then achieved a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Health & Social Care, before transferring back to Perton Manor as Home Manager until being appointed into her current role.

“I love what I do and aspire to be the best, overcoming each challenge that arises, as a dedicated member of the central management team. Knowing that we are able to make a difference to our clients lives, brings me a sense of satisfaction both professionally and personally”.

Caron Rogers

Caron Rogers

Dementia Services Specialist

Since being appointed as the company’s Dementia Services Specialist in 2021, Caron has worked internally with Nursing and Management teams across the 2 specialist homes, advising on complex dementia care interventions; issuing social prescriptions which are therapeutic, evidence based, and person-centred, and which promote Capulet Care’s own model of care, Metavasi Care.

Within this role, Caron supports family members to understand the individual symptoms of specific dementia pathways, and to be involved in the care and therapeutic support of their loved ones. She also supports our in house Training Department, which exceeds national standards for dementia care staff.

Prior to taking on the role, Caron achieved an MSc in Dementia Studies, and Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Health & Social Care.

Externally, Caron continues to act as the company’s Ambassador of Living Well, working with many areas of the Public and Voluntary Sectors, to promote dementia education.

In addition, Caron works with GP’s, Community Mental Health Teams’ and other multi-disciplinary professionals, maintaining collaborative professional relationships and sharing specialist knowledge, which is fundamental to how people with complex dementia live well throughout their dementia pathway.

 “By understanding ‘all’ that makes up an individual with dementia, their skills, their personality and what is important to them, and through the application therapeutic and person-centred approaches, life for people with dementia can always be better. Within our homes and the communities local to them, we enable individuals with dementia to continue to live well.”

Jennifer Brittain

Jennifer Brittain

Care Development Manager

Jennifer took on the role of Care Development Manager in December 2021.

Having started her Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Health & Social Care whilst in her previous role, she completed this in March 2022.

Sharing her knowledge and extensive experience of caring for clients living with dementia and other complex mental health needs, Jennifer offers a valuable contribution to the continuous development and monitoring of the Care Team.

To support the needs and professional development of staff, Jennifer compiles Personal Development Plans (PDPs) across the Care Department. These enable identification and recognition of individual strengths/any areas requiring improvement, supporting staff to be their best selves whilst practicing exceptional standards of care. Using PDPs, Jennifer is able to train and develop staff effectively, with an individualised approach.

Jennifer first began working for the company in 2011, climbing the ranks steadily. Prior to her current role, she was working as Home Manager at one of our specialist homes, Perton Manor. However, she desired a role which gave her extended freedom outside of the office environment, to work closely alongside the Care Team and client group across both of our specialist homes.

Taking an enthusiastic approach to the role, Jennifer is dedicated to continuously contributing to the company and supporting the teams to deliver outstanding service.

“I love what I do. Knowing that we can make a difference to each resident in our homes is so rewarding. Our homes are completely person-centred, and I am proud of the high standard of care that we deliver. I really don’t want to work anywhere else and see Capulet Care giving me a career for life.”


Gemma Gardner

Gemma Gardner

Executive PA

Gemma was appointed as Executive PA to owner Juliet Briggs in May 2019.

Assisting with all aspects of the business, Gemma quickly became adept at managing varying workloads and swiftly changing priorities within the internal framework of the business and via liaison and rapport building with external associates.

In addition, Gemma thrives on the management of various functions and corporate events which are held by the company, alongside controlling the Community Account set up for fundraising donations to deserving causes via our ‘Giving Back to Communities’ initiative.

With a strong desire to develop, Gemma enrolled on a Level 4 Business Admin Diploma in May 2023, with keen interest in gaining further knowledge via higher education.

Gemma first joined the company as a dedicated member of the Care Team in 2011, where she remained until leaving to pursue other avenues in late 2014. She returned to Woodford House in December 2017 in an Admin role, but quickly aspired to take on a role which would further challenge her skills and attributes to their maximum potential.

“I’m proud to be part of an organisation motivated by exceptional standards and outstanding service delivery. The spontaneity and variation that comes with each day, keeps me personally motivated and gives me a great sense of professional satisfaction. Whether working on the move, on a new project, behind the desk or within the homes, no two days are the same and there’s always a new challenge around the corner.”